Can Videogames Treat Depression? Maybe!

by Katie Bainbridge // May 10, 2013
... in which the author checks a TED talk's sources and finds out the science doesn't add up.

Lolcats Are Good For You!

by Katie Bainbridge // March 3, 2013
... in which the author gives you a great excuse to look at cute things, because Science.

Fixing Healthcare

by John Healy // December 17, 2012
... in which the author proposes a solution to one of healthcare's biggest problems.

It's Just Basic Developmental Economics, Silly!

by Roman Kudryashov // November 4, 2012
... in which the author tries to understand why we judge politicians based on broken economic theories.

The Era of Byzantine Gaming

by Foley Rick // October 16, 2012
... in which the author talks about the evolution of game design, what makes games fun, and the difference between playing on your phone versus on a big screen.

No Debit, No Credit, No Problem

by Max Gi // October 4, 2012
... in which the author essentially tells you how to launder money, but *shhhhh* we can't say that!

A Tale of Two Memories

by S. Garrity Guenther // September 21, 2012
... in which the author explains why "Google memory" isn't making you dumber, and how we always outsource our memories.

The Uncomfortable Paradoxes of Raising Anders Breivik

by Roman Kudryashov // September 17, 2012
... in which the things we're not allowed to talk about lead to the events about which we're forced to.

Kickstarter Politics

by Roman Kudryashov // September 11, 2012
... which proposes a solution to the previously raised problem of: how do we reinvent political participation?

Epigenetics gives Darwin the Finger

by Katie Bainbridge // August 17, 2012
... in which the author shows how your grandfather's adolecent diet will affect you and your children years later.

Philosophers in Khaki

by Peter Moore // August 08, 2012
... in which the Israeli Defence Forces adapt postmodern French philosophy for close-quarters urban combat.

Can a Robot Pass the SAT?

by Roman Kudryashov // July 31, 2012
... in which we envision a world of robots, customized for your needs, and educated in robot-school.

Muslim Women in the Olympics

by S. Garrity Guenther // July 27, 2012
... in which the author looks at the precendents set by muslim women in the olympics and examines feminism in the Islamic world.

The Vicious Cycle of Neglect

by Katie Bainbridge // July 19, 2012
... in which the author explains why your mother made you a bad mother, and why it isn't your fault.

My Informations, You Cannot Haz It

by Max Gi // July 14, 2012
... in which the author talks about privacy, information, security, and why these things are failing you on the internet.

Machine Poetry & Artificial God-Games

by Roman Kudryashov // June 12, 2012
... in which the author talks about how self-organising intelligence would work.

Can we reinvent political participation?

by Roman Kudryashov // May 22, 2012
... in which the author asks: how do we challenge the norms of political participation, and how can we turn activism into everyday politics?

Spring Training: #Occupy’s May Day

by Lauren DeCicca // April 24, 2012
... in which we publish photographs from Occupy Wall Street and related events.

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