After Occupy Wall Street was trampled in the mean winter of 2011, many people though it wouldn’t come back– the momentum was lost and no real change was achieved. Even Adbusters, the guys who came up with the #OccupyWallStreet idea in the first place, were ready to call it quits, sending out a “mass e-mail to ninety thousand friends of the magazine—proposing that the nation’s Occupy protesters throw a party in mid-December, declare victory, and withdraw from their encampments.” The movement lacked direction and unity, the police had the upper hand across the nation, and the cold unideologically pushed everyone home.

However, an unusually early spring put the protesters back on the street. With Zuccotti Park by Wall Street closed off to major protests, activists have launched a camp in Union Square instead, using it to reorganize the #Occupy movement and as the launching pad for other activities, such as theTrayvon Martin Million Hoodie March.

Contributing photographer Lauren DeCicca spent some time there recently, putting together a documentary record for their upcoming big event: the “May Day” general strike. Below are some of her portraits from the Spring Training for the May Day strike, hoping to turn the #Occupy movement into the American Spring. Below are some of her portraits of the activists, as well as some memories from #Occupy before the winter events closed Zuccotti Park.

First five portraits are from Union Square Spring Training; The last five are from Autumn 2011. All photography by Lauren DeCicca; you can find her full set, along with other photographs, at

About the Author

Lauren DeCicca is a New York City based photographer who has a hard time putting down her camera. Her works spans from journalistic to commercial, but she specializes in that grey area in between. She is currently working in Myanmar and Thailand.


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Spring Training

By Lauren DeCicca //
April 24, 2012 //
Photo-Essay //

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